Journal History

Currently in some non-English-speaking countries like China, a significant proportion of English teaching and learning in classrooms are test driven. Online and multi-media resources have made it possible for teachers and learners to access a vast quantity of firsthand and real life materials that helps massively in the acquisition of English competencies. However, it is debatable how effectively these modern resources could assist with teaching and learning, for example whether the result achieved is worth the time spent on searching for appropriate teaching and learning resources. Also, it’s doubtful whether traditional methods could still play a key role in the teaching and learning of English language. This journal intends to explore the effective teaching and learning methods in a contemporary sense for intermediate to advanced English teachers and learners alike. The original idea of launching journal CETL comes from a group of Chinese scholars and ex-English teachers who live and work in the UK, who reckons that there is a huge demand for such a journal to be published and run in the UK. The idea is welcomed and supported by Cubel UK, the education business liaison service provider based in Birmingham, who has kindly provided office and fund for carrying out work on the CETL journal. By providing support and assistance to authors with English language copy-editing, this journal will perform as another platform for teachers and learners alike to explore the acquisition of the language and to share their experience and thoughts about learning and teaching in a modern sense with the audience world-widely.