Analysis on Translation of Chinese Characteristic-item in English Newsmagazines

  • Yali Yin Gannan Normal College
Keywords: English news, translation, Chinese Characteristic-item


This essay intends to provide an overview of the style of translation of Chinese Characteristic-items in current western English newsmagazines. By drawing groups of Chinese-to-English translation examples from news and reports in two of the most influential English newsmagazines – Time Magazine and Newsweek Magazine, the author carries out an analysis on the translation of English news on Chinese topics that featured with Characteristic-items, which are seen as unique to the Chinese culture and Chinese community. The essay starts with explorations into the progress of journalist news in English in China. The author then puts together a profile of the translation styles on Chinese Characteristic-item from politic, economic and cyber cultural point of view. Four translation methods of Chinese Characteristic-item are summarized as most frequently used in English news about China, and are presented with relative examples, they are: transliteration, transliteration with explanation, literal translation, and literal translation with explanation. These translation methods are further discussed from a cultural perspective with two underlying main translation strategies widely used by the English newsmagazines, namely, Foreignization Translation and Domestication Translation. Towards the end of the essay the author depicts the problems in the translation of Chinese Characteristic-items in western newsmagazines in an effort to draw attention to translators and news workers as to promote accurate, sufficient, and unbiased translation.