On Co-working of Tao and Xiang and the Translation of Chinese Classics

  • Yejun Kong Zhuoyue Education Foundation, Jiangsu
Keywords: Xiang, Xiang thinking mode, conceptual thinking mode, Co-working on Tao and Xiang


The essay focuses on the discussion of the cognition paradigm of traditional Chinese philosophy of Xiang Thinking Mode, which bears unique charm and research value in the field of Chinese translation studies in epistemology and methodology. Under the impact of traditional Xiang Thinking Mode, the Chinese classics are considered to be un-exclusively falling into the categories of its products. With the Xiang Thinking Mode theory, translators will need to mobilize their Xiang Thinking Mode to appreciate the spirit of the original works, and then apply it to the reasonable and grounded translation performance so as to convey the spirit of the original text.