A Study of Creative Models of English Competence Training for Undergraduate Students of Sports Studies

  • Lin Yang Department of Physical Education, Qingdao University of Science and Technology
Keywords: Sports Studies, College English, Competence, Creative Models


Based surveys among the undergraduate students of Sports Studies in universities, this research covered the status quo of English language teaching them, the problems needs to be solved by employing case/field studies, data analysis as well as reviewing relevant research and studies. It is argued that current issues in this filed are lack of quality teaching materials, rigid schedule of English lessons, tedious teaching approaches and the need of renewing and updating the concept of language teaching to students of Sports Studies. New creative models were therefore suggested such as categorizing undergraduates of Sports Studies into groups of Physical Education, Traditional Sports & Games as well as Professional Sports & Athletics, plus English language teaching to be integrated with their specialty of sports, so that the overall level of English competence of those students could be raised to a higher level.