Before submitting the manuscript, the author is expected to have his/her paper proofread for grammatical and spelling corrections as well as the readability of the paper. The journal CETL is a double-blind referred academic journal. The journal CETL will follow a double-blind review process. Manuscripts submitted for publication will be initially screened by either the Editor or an Associate Editor, or a designated (by the Editor) Editorial Board Member, and then, if deemed appropriate for publication, they should be sent to a member of the Editorial board. If the piece successfully goes through the initial screening but is turned down by the second reader, the editorial team may decide that a third reader is advisable, depending also on the objections raised by the second reader. At any rate, the final decision should always rest with the Editor.

Desired time scale between receipt of article and decision should be a maximum of 4 months. The time between acceptance of article and publication should not exceed six months, except in the case of special issues which may be on a different time table. All authors who comply with the requirements will receive an acknowledgement upon receipt to confirm the safe arrival of the paper.

It is requested that authors should have their paper checked with a native English speaker colleague or professional for English syntax, grammar, etc before submission. Manuscript with serious writing problems cannot be accepted. Checking service is available from the journal management upon request. For more details please email