Status Quo of Studies on ADL Motivating in Chinese Colleges

  • Yuan Zhang University of Science and Technology,Jiangsu
Keywords: ADL, Distance Learning, Learner autonomy, Motivation


With the teaching of language being more and more communication–oriented, traditional teaching methods are facing big challenges and are being replaced by the “learner-centered” ones. This means that learners will assume greater responsibility for their own learning. That is to say, learner autonomy has to be enhanced to meet the needs of the new teaching mode, especially the mode under distance education. Up to date, some studies have explored learners’ characteristics in Distance Learning (DL) and found that certain characteristics lead to a better distance learner. The most important one is motivation. The paper, by making a study on motivation theories of English study and foreign language teaching as well as discussing and analyzing a series of problems such as the connotation of the distributed learning, the learning theory base, component essential factors and the differences from the traditional distance education, presents some ways and strategies to stir up the motivation study of autonomous learners in distance education in ADL system.