A Research Report on College English Teaching and Learning Reform Project In China’s Private Higher Institutions From the Perspective of the International Talent Cultivation

  • Ying Yang Shanghai Jianqiao University
Keywords: College English Teaching and Learning, Curriculum, Course Modules, Assessment


College English is a basic course in colleges and universities in China. However, both teachers and students, especially in private higher institutions, have been confronted with the issue of time-consumption and low-efficiency in language learning. Thus, the reform on language teaching and learning has been implemented. The research report focuses on the description and analysis of the goal of the reform, the curriculum and course design, implementing process, and assessment of the teaching and learning. Through the analysis of the proficiency assessment College English Test (CET) among 2012 students for one year, the report discusses the pros and cons of the reform. Finally, the report presents the main findings of the reform and throws light on future research in College English teaching and learning.