Cultural Ties in Amy Tan’s Works

  • Jun Zhang Shanghai Second Polytechnic University
Keywords: Amy Tan, western culture, Chinese culture, cultural ties


Amy Tan has skilfully interwoven Chinese mythology with the beautiful language. The charm of oriental culture was reasonably romantic and adequate, displayed by its virtue of emotion and the relationship between ordinary people and the advance exploration of the mainstream culture. Amy stands on the surface of Chinese and Western cultures cross, interprets and enlarges the course of history and cultural development, not only to see the contradiction and confrontation of two cultures, but also cultural exchanges and integrations, conflicts and struggles of the collision and fusion, through a misunderstanding between the characters, conflict, communication and understanding to the description of art. Amy Tan's style is unique, elegant and full of humour. The twists and turns of its characters constitutes a melodious sound of the Western symphony reverberation, time and again shaking and stirring the readers as building a bridge between Eastern and Western cultural ties.