A Review of the Role of Discourse Markers in ESL/EFL Listening Comprehension

  • Shuying Chen School of Foreign Languages, Zhejiang University of Finance and Economics
Keywords: listening comprehension, discourse markers, effect, cognition, university lecture, conventional classroom listening


This review article extends the conventional conception of academic listening to include monologic and dialogic listening in classroom genres and institutional talks in the university setting, trying to highlight the studies of discourse markers’ role in listening comprehension. The cognitive processes of listening comprehension will be presented before a review of empirical studies which will shed light on recent research on the role of discourse markers in ESL/EFL listening comprehension, in particular focusing on the past 30 years. The author will explore the issue by focusing on two dimensions: 1) academic lectures and institutional talks in a university setting; 2) conventional classroom listening. The final section summarizes to emphasize the necessity of further research and proposes future research directions for the role of discourse markers in ESL/EFL listening comprehension.