Cross-cultural Learning in Small International Enterprises for Management Development

  • Lin Yang Qingdao University of Science and Technology, China.
Keywords: managerial development, cross-cultural learning, learning and development


This essay explores cross-cultural adjustment learning (CCAL) for managers in small international enterprises (SIE) in the context of Chinese small international enterprises based in the U.K in particular. It highlights the perceptions of SIE managers towards cultural differences in business behaviours between China and the UK It also places an emphasis on exploring the possible barriers to learning for these SIE managers in relation to cross-cultural adjustment.  A review of literature indicates that through taking cross-cultural adjustment learning SIE managers could develop their managerial skills and build the capacity for the development for the enterprises to meet their business needs in the UK environment.  However, discussion of various scenarios also implies that learning to make cross-cultural adjustment may be specific to enterprises. To achieve effective learning result, external facilitation of cross-cultural adjustment learning needs to be in place in addition to individual active learning.